Abe Harper
Abe L. Harper, Jr.
Abe Harper, President of Harper Technologies, is skilled in many different verticals of the IT industry. His strengths include team leadership, and a network analytics. His primary role as president of our company mandates agility and an ability to translate computer related problems into common language for tech experts and novice users alike. He focuses on company growth daily, but provides services in both consulting and repair arenas. One of his favorite services is Forensic IT / Expert Witness opportunities. He believes that efficiency and customer service drive a company's ability to not only survive, but to flourish and accelerate. He believes that community service is a pillar to being more than just a number in the crowd. His aspiration is to see Harper Technologies prosper as a service and innovation center, all the while staying grounded in the belief that customer service is paramount.
Carl Harper
Carl E. Harper
Carl Harper is the Vice President and spearhead for Harper Technologies' Web Design and Software Analytics. His speaks multiple (computer) languages including HTML 5, PHP, and CSS. Already in only 11 years of professional IT service experience he has been nominated and recipient for many awards and accolades including recent recognition by the NFIB for Accomplishments in Entrepreneurship. His passion is "Seeing something evolve from nothing". In that respect, he thrives on filling needs by applying simple technological solutions to complex life situations. We are fortunate to have him and his leadership on our team.